Channel Manager

I highly recommend OwnerRez as your channel manager. Let me tell you why we love OwnerRez.

OwnerRez is a property, inquiry and booking management service.  I find that OwnerRez makes life easier, works quicker, and makes guests happier.

OwnerRez allows us to streamline rental agreements to be signed electronically upon direct booking on our website but also after a booking occurs on any of the OTA like VRBO and Airbnb it sends an automated template that we were able to personalize to get contact information and rental agreement signed online, once signed it saves and send the guest a copy of the PDF.

When API connected to VRBO you handle all your payment processing. You’re in full control of refunds, adding extra surcharges, and holding deposits. It’s also good for cancellation metrics, when a guest wants to cancel you go in and select guest initiated and it won’t count against you. OR sends the information to VRBO and it will help your Premier Host status. All the guest contact information is sent over to OR and you can build on a proper database to market for future stays. This alone is such a huge benefit, we have guests who wants to extend their stay, and we can just charge their card without sending them a payment request.

OwnerRez tracks where inquires and bookings are coming from, which sites including your website so you can see where your traffic is coming from.

OwnerRez schedules future payments and security deposits easily based on the card info.

OwnerRez tracks all payments due and sends out reminder emails/templates, so you don’t have to personally check every day. They provide automation for emails to be scheduled for door codes, welcome emails, review requests and more.

OwnerRez has api connections for door lock companies like remote lock, and dynamic pricing like PriceLabs.

There are so many different reports to pull. Your able to set up for your cleaners to have access to your calendars and receive alerts to when a new booking occurs, departs, cancels.

These are just some of the benefits we have found.

I can also help do the initial setup of OwnerRez, email for details.