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New Property Adds

We need a few things to be able to add your new property to OwnerRez.

If you have more than one, after you submit the first one. Refresh the screen and do the second one. 

The only manual thing for you to do is setup your credit card processor like Stripe, Elavon, Cosco, etc prior to our zoom to go over the setup of your OwnerRez account.

Click this link to add your photos

Preferably to add a new folder with your property name. If you have your photos from a photographer drop the link below in the form.  


Once you submit the form, I will send you a calendar link to schedule our zoom meeting to go over the setup and show you how to use it. 

Of course always remember you’re never alone, I will be available to help answer any questions you have and provide additional consultations. 

“Expect nothing, Appreciate Everything!” 😃