der Customs

A Few Words About Us and our Team

Diana & William Roberts

Co-Owner ~ Founders ~ Wed Developers ~ Consultants

We specialize in short-term vacation rentals. We love everything about STR's. We have been guest managing now 5 STR's in Ocean Springs, MS for 3 years for 

We believe life is short! It's about living the dream and being with family. We enjoy in taking our work with us on our work adventures. Our motto isn life can be dedicated to the Lion King, "Hakuna Matata." Also favorite quote, "Expect Nothing, Appreciate Everything." 

Amanda Sullivan

Content Writer & Social Media Marketing Manager

Recently I found out my spirit animal is a hamster. Why? Because, like a hamster I like doing a hundred different things and have a hard time picking what I like the most. 

Writing and social media marketing fall into the things I like to do!! The creativity of writing lets me open up new worlds inside my imagination. The creativity of posting on social media allows me to use both written and visual creativity!  It’s funny, even though I have always love to write, I have never thought of myself as a creative person. I have begun to learn that creativity comes in all shapes and sizes just like us!  Am I 100% the best as what I do, nope! I have a lot to learn.  But I work hard and I love to learn new things. And I am 100% honest! 

Life is a beautiful thing and keeping an open mind to learning and experiencing new things make it even more beautiful.

Zac Roberts

Intership ~ Web Developer

Zac is Diana & Williams, youngest son, 16 years old and has taken an interest in learning webdesign. 

Zac is a free spirit, a Sophomore in High-School and homeschooled at Roberts Academy.